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Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w
Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w

Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w

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functions:Pigment Removal,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation, acne and acne scar removal,skin renewing,wrinkle removal,sun damage recoveringpower:40WOperating Mode :Ultra Pulse and Factional delivery:within 3~7 working days after receive your paymentGuarantee:3 years guarantee,lifetime maintenance for free

Product Description

Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w

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Introduce of Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w:

Our Co2 fractional laser equipment is always a good choice for many users. It is a perfect solution for medical use like scar removal, skin rejuvenation, tissue cutting and many other function.

The Co2 fractional laser use the fractional power to create damage on the skin, then the skin would resurfing. After this process, a totally regeneracy of the new skin will show.
We add many new features to this model to make it is the best on the market. The whole new designed water cooling system can let it work for a long time, and the water temperature control system makes sure the whole system works very well.
Not only the cooling system, but also the German fractional system is just amazing. It transfers the powerful laser into tens of dots, the energy of all the dots is 100% equal and exact, only that can provide the best treatment result.
Besides those, the new scanning model also bring optional treatment choice for customizing, it is so wonderful because making customer think you are professional is so easy.
Last but not least, the Infrared Aiming let all the operation become much easier than ever. You never need to worry about aiming the target area, just let the Infrared Aiming guard you and finish all the things in no time.



 Advantages of Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w:

1.Using the graphic to scan the treayment target,optioanl scanning graphics.


2.Wide scanning area,the Max size is 20*20mm,and with the high speed. It can permeate to the deep laer of the skin,so it can remov the scar.


3.This machine has two modes,one is fractional mode,another one is normal mode, you can choose eaily in the GUI after turn on the machine.


4.With 10.4 True color TFT screen, more details can be showed on the screen, and the screen feedback is so sensitive that you cannot feel any delay.


5.Owning the best cooling system,built-in circulaing water cooling,air &water cooling system,the temperature can be protected automatically,so that it can prolong the working time and the service of the machine..

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Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w Treatment

1.Remove stretch marks

2.Eliminate the scar, Traumatism
3.Improve Pore Bulky
4.Skin rejuvenation
5.Skin tightening and loosen (Deep Wrinkles and Shallow wrinkles)
6.Remove freckles and pouch
7.Actinic keratosis
8.Basal cell carcinoma
9.Burn debridement

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Parameter of Vertical Fractional Co2 Laser 30w:





Focal   Flare Diameter


Transmission System

7-Articulation Joint Spring-Balanced Light Guiding Arm

Operating   Mode

Ultra   Pulse and Factional

Scan scanning area

Max 20*20mm

scanning graphic

Rectangular,Ellipse,circle,Rect,straight   line,hexagon,triangle

scanning speed



1~40W, Step Adjustable per 1W

Cooling System

Built-in circulating water cooling

Power Supply

AC 230V/110V±22V; 50Hz±1Hz




We cold offer our customer professional trainning, ensure every customer own the professional operation knowledge in time,User manual,DVD for trainning or online trainning directly. No any charge, for free!



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