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Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine
Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine

Vacuum mesotherapy gun beauty skin machine

Product ID : KMN-6
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Type:Mesotherapy Gun
Injection type:intermittent and pulsing
Multi-needle caliber: 0.25mm,Depth:0.25~5mm
Single needle caliber:0.25mm, Depth: 0.25~10mm
Vacuum Flow:25L/min Pressure: 90Kpa
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hottest water mesogun /vacuum injection needle water mesotherapy gun beauty machine



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Meso gun mesotherapy injection gun using voice vacuum technology, accurately provides nutrients needed for skin in the depth of 1.28mm under the dermis. it is the principle of lifting the skin slightly by using sound pressure before micro-needle entered.The needle injects nutrients (such as hyaluronic and collagen) by using multi-needle sticking in the accurate depth after keeping skin tight. Injection rate can be easily adjusted through the button on OLED panel behind the device.Furthermore,the pressure of syringe had been liberalized before micro-needle was out,it will not bring the loss of nutrients.

The efficacy of needle mesotherapy
Micro-needle mesotherapy use of the minimally invasive ways to stimulate bone colleagen, the skin without damaging the epidermis.
Magnetic Regimen
Stretch Marks
Face Lifting
Whitening Moisturizing
Vacuum Injection


Fast Recovery of Portable Mesotherapy

The effect of treatment is long lasting and visible immediately after surgery.The advantage is a fast recovery - micro punctures and possibly minor bruising will disappear in the next days and can be very easily covered with makeup. Vital Injector device allows treatment of larger areas of the skin within a single treatment,which also leads to an overall shorter recovery after treatment.


Single and multi-needle(mesotherapy)



Parameters of mesotherapy machine:

Voltage110V/240V    50Hz/60Hz
Display4.3 inches LCD touch screen

3 needles, 4 needles, 5 needles, 9 needles

ModeLow speed / High speed / 10-250 times/min
AdvantageSing needle, Multi-needle, Vacuum, 3 in 1
Single needle caliber0.25mm,  Depth: 0.25~10mm
Multi-needle caliber


Vacuum Flow25L/min     Pressure: 90Kpa



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