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Professional 40KHz cavitation+Vacuum+RF+Lipolaser multifunction machine

650nm diode laser lipo
rf machine
lipolaser slimming machine
Product Name : Professional 40KHz cavitation+Vacuum+RF+Lipolaser multifunction machine
Product ID : KLS650
Product : cavitation+rf+vacuum+diode laser lipo
Output Frequency : 1~1000Hz, 40KHz, 5MHz
Wavelength : 650nm
Energy Output : 18*40mW (Total 0.72W)
Package size : 58x54x125cm

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rf vacuum lipo laser slimming machine
6 pcs lipo laser pads,skin care
10 handles total in 1 machine
rf beuaty machine,best effective
1 year warranty,CE

Treatment theory:

The Ultracavitation+RF+vacuum+lipolaser beauty equipment is new equipment which uses the most advanced technology. It highly combines the advantage of Ultracavitation and RF and vacuum and lipolaser. The Ultracavitation uses

ultrasound cavitation effect to cause the air bubbles around lipocyte membranes to break up. The broken lipocyte will then be absorbed and metabolized out of human body by lymphatic system. It has a perfect treatment result for weight losing.lipolaser also could slimming.

patients have more choice basic different requirements.

Applied Range:
1.Promote tissue metabolism.
2.Repel the cellulite.
3.Tighten the skin
4.Strengthen the skin elasticity
5.Fat dissolving
6.Body shaping

How it works
Lipo laser: The Lipo Laser uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. This process causes transitory pores to appear in the cells releasing the adipose (fat cells) contents: water, glycerol (triglycerides), and free fatty acids into the interstitial space thus shrinking the cells and reducing inches in the areas target.

Cavitation: The Ultrasonic Cavitation machine uses sound waves/frequencies to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to "leak" their contents into the fluid spaces of your body. From there, your lymph system picks up this waste material (the loose fat) and begins circulating it through your body until it can be processed by the liver and eliminated with sweat, urine and feces. The results are visibly noticeable immediately, however the entire process can take several days, and you will continue to experience results during this time.

Vacuum: After break up the subcutaneous fat, decrease cellulite accumulation. It helps smooth lymph and discharges the fatty acid and toxin that is decomposed through lymph system. Vacuum hads immediate effect in body shaping.

RF: the multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body's natural healing response causing new collagen to form, and the production of new elastin fibres making skin to look and feel firmer. Skin is heated consistently and uniformly without the risk of any burns.


Technology Parameters:

Machine technologycavitation+rf+vacuum+lipolaser
Output frequency1-1000HZ,40KHZ,5MHZ
Energy output18*40MW(Total 0.72W)
Laser wavelength650nm
Cavitation frequency40KHZ
RF frequency5MHZ
Vacuum frequency100Kpa
Warranty3 years warranty of machine body,3 months warranty of accessories
Screencolour touch screen
Package size58x54x125cm




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