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Portable Skin Rejuventation Injection Co2 cool gun for mesotherapy

Cool gun
Cool gun
cool co2 gun
cool gun
Product Name : Portable Skin Rejuventation Injection Co2 cool gun for mesotherapy
Product ID : KMN-10
Type : Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Model Number : KMN-10 Co2 mesthotherapy gun
Color : white
Function : facial treatment
Product name : Co2 gun

Portable Skin Rejuventation Injection Co2 cool gun for mesotherapy

cool therapy gun.JPG

Co2 Gun for facial treatment in four minutes

Co2 gun is a revolutionary registered system that allows performing a shocking facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method. The Co2 gun projects on the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomized actives

co2 cooltherapy gun.JPG

The application zones are:

--Around the eyes(do not apply on the eyelids)




--Zone around the lips:the whole orbit round the mouth,above,below and on both sides.

How does the CO2 gun works?

The Co2 gun propels onto the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature and an extremely high pressure combined with atomized hyaluronic acid.


- Single session: facial lifting and moisturizing. More radiant appearance and smoother skin. It can be the beginning of multiple treatments with a more lasting effect.
- Multiple treatments: 6-8 sessions in a month (1-2 per week) for a more youthful appearance. It also improves texture and quality of skin and makes the effect more lasting.

Product name

Co2 Gun for facial treatment in four minutes


15V 1000mAH



Gross weight





1 year

There are two consumables of this cool co2 Gun:
1. cosmetic bottle;
2. gas cartridge (as below)

cool lifting.JPGcool therapy gun.JPG


cool face mesotherapy machine.jpg

Related Accessories

 - CO2 Gun storage case
- CO2 Gun
- Hand strap for the Gun
- CO2 Gun base
- Power connector
- User manual

How to operate the treatment by CO2 Gun?

1. Clean all the make-up on the patient’s face before starting. After having the Gun prepared with a bottle of cosmetic solution and a gas cartridge, invite the client into the treatment room and let the client on the treatment table in a lying or half-lying position and at a proper height. Make sure the Gun will always point down.
2. Press the trigger and don’t release it. The screen will display a 10 seconds count-down. After this count-down, the Gun will spray a powerful flow which contains the cosmetic solution and the cool gas at the same time. The screen will count down from 4 minutes.
3. The treatment must be done continuously. During the the application of the cosmetic solution, keep moving the Gun. Recommended distance from skin is 0.5-1 cm (0.18-0.39 inches). If a client feels uncomfortable, move the sprayer a little further from the skin. It is recommended to protect client’s eyes by a protective glasses or a cover during the treatment. NEVER touch the surface of skin with the unit!
4. We recommend that the treatment is started from the ear area toward the neck. Spray around the face by small circular movements. Make sure the cosmetic solution is sprayed all over the face, then repeat on the areas of concern. The treatment must be carried on for full 4 minutes, without releasing the trigger and without any interruptions. The treatment session will lose its effect if interrupted.
We could also provide the Manual of this face lifting cool co2 gun. Please contact us for details.

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