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New product in 2015 Wrinkle Removal Spot remove beauty instrument Cryo pen in china

Spots removal
cryo pen treatment
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Product Name : New product in 2015 Wrinkle Removal Spot remove beauty instrument Cryo pen in china
Product ID : KC4
Product : cryo pen
Technology : freezing technology
temperature : -89°C
Function : different spots removal,such as Skin tags removal,Sun spots removal
Payment : T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Escrow

New product in 2015 Wrinkle Removal Spot remove beauty instrument Cryo pen in china

I.Cryolafais a lightweight multifunction device made up of a cartridge, a body and an interchangeable head and it is easy to insert and remove, it offer the best cryotherapy for the person, beauty salon ,beauty clinic and hospital, using the nitrous oxide as media to make its hand piece with a constant penetrating temperature of -89°C,its energy can be arrive at the 3 millimeter of the layer, it can freeze the pigment cells instantaneously, so it is easy to solve all kinds of pigmentation problems drastically, beside, its treatments without any pain and destruction of biological ,because it is the extremely precise treatments, it just effect on the area, which need to be treated, the surrounding organization without any affection.


Engineering Design                                                       Treatment Advantages
1. –89°C freeze disease tissues                                 1. No Damage
2. Gold Standard Pen                                                   2. Accurate treatment
3. Portable And Convenient                                       3. Safety-filter In The Cartridge Holder
4. Safe Media                                                                4. Freezes To A Depth Of 3mm                             
                                                                                         5. Simple And Secure Handling



Using the nitrous oxide as medical ,it can make the hand piece temperature arrive at -89°C,it can freeze the disease tissues instantaneously, its Ion energy wave to targeted positioning the skin which own the pigmentation and explode the superficial disease tissues or other disease tissues, it is the high accuracy treatment, it will not influence the surrounding healthy tissues.


1. Skin tags removal
2. Plantar warts removal
3. Verrucae removal
4. Sun spots removal
5. Actinic keratosis treatment
6. Seborrhoeic keratosis treatment
7. Naevus flammeus removal
8. Naevo fibroid removal
9. Soft fibroid treatment
10.Keloids removal
11.Condyloma removal
12.Mole removal


VI.Technology  Advantages
1. Safe Treatments
No need to handle dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids, its media is the safe medical nitrous oxide, this media can make the hand piece temperature arrive at -89°C,in this temperature, the skin will not damage.

2. No destruction of biological function and structures
Its energy just effect on the target area, it will not influence the healthy issue.         

3. Very convenient for customers
Its portable design can let customers to bring it to anywhere and it operations are very easy , they can use it by themselves.

4. No long waiting time
It needn’t the waiting time, it can immediately treat, without any delay, what’s more, you will see the best result at once at this amazing portable device.

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About Kiyalaser:                                                             


1.Company brief introduction              

We are one of the most specialized beauty machine manufacture in China with many years history,100% of our products are for exporting.Up till now,we have cooperated with many large distributors successfully.Our engineers have more than 20 years experience,we could meet your any special technology requirements.



We provide 1 year long warranty to customers.Lifelong free maintenance.



We cold offer our customer professional trainning, ensure every customer own the professional operation knowledge in time,User manual,DVD for trainning or online trainning directly. No any charge, for free!


4.Professional OEM and ODM Service

As we are a professional beauty machine manufacture in china, we can offer every distributor and dealer the OEM/ODM Service,any advice from our customer there is hot welcome!


5.Free logo,lauguage,color design      

We can add your logo on the machine screen for free.

We can design your lauguage in the screen for free.

You can choose any color you like for machine!



We pack the machine in Strong Aluminium alloy box,help protect the machine .
deliver the machine within 3-7 worknig days after payment.
It takes 3~5 days by DHL/TNT/EMS/UPS arrive at your door

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