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professional beauty monster plasma pen
professional beauty monster plasma pen professional beauty monster plasma pen professional beauty monster plasma pen professional beauty monster plasma pen professional beauty monster plasma pen

professional beauty monster plasma pen

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Product name:plasma pen

Technolog:high frequency

Functions:spots removal,eyelid lifting,beauty essence lead in,skin lifting



Product Description

professional beauty monster plasma pen

The results of the Plasma pen are immediately visible and definitive. A sublimated skin will not be able themselves to "recover" from the treatment, so the results are permanent.

In addition to the direct effect of lifting and rejuvenation, there is another positive effect that can be observed in the long term. Treatment with plasma while ensuring indirectly for biostimulation in the deeper skin layers. This allows the production of new collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated. This effect, combined with the restructuring of the connective tissue, the treated regions will extra boost in their strength and volume.

The number of treatments depends on the degree of excess skin, the complexity of the problem and your individual needs. In many cases, a time sufficient, but in some more complicated cases, are currently one or requires multiple treatments. Ask your doctor for a consultation information.

In the first place, hear these treatments at home with aesthetic physicians and aesthetic clinics. Because are reduced to a minimum, these treatments are also allowed outside the operating rooms at a PlexR treatment, the risk of infections or complications. This makes this treatment in the future may also be subjected to the better beauty salons, spa centers, etc.

Item detail:

Product name Plasma jet point mole spot removal plasma pen plamere
Color White,black,silver
Function spots removal,eyelid lifting,
Theory High Frequency
Product weight 100g
Package size 20cm*13cm*7.5cm/box weight 0.55kg
Voltage 110-240V


How to use

1.Insert the needle to the machine .
2.Connect the power adaptor to the machine .
3.Press ON/OFF button for few seconds .
4.Adjust the power and the frequency the machine .
5.It is ready to use when the power button blinks by pressing ON switch again .
6.It will stop and activate if you press or release "SHOT" button .
7.After procedure , press the "ON"button few seconds to stop .
8.Move left to right rather than stay on the spot while using the Tip.
9.Use short touch several times rather than one long touch while using the Tip


Removal of spots
Move the needle slightly towards the spot and it can be very clear that the melanin is burnt and falls off after the electric needle sweeps over it, and if the spots are shallow and the area is small, they can be removed all in one go. If it is a larger area and the pigmentation is darker, it will take 2 or 3 attempts to remove it. We should also refer to your beautician when using electric needle treatment, not only should we keep the customers still, the beautician should balance the her hand with the electric needle and not shake to prevent burns, inconsistency, and to assist in the healing of wounds post-treatment.

Removal of moles
Be wary to distinguish the mole extent when removing the mole, some moles grow on the surface of the skin and the root grows in the deep skin tissue. Do not break the surface of the mole all at once when using an electric needle, it's best to use a small square area for burning. If there is a deeper mole, not only to avoid inflammation after processing, it's best to apply a nutrient cream acting like living cells 2-3 days before the wound is healed. This prevents dents in the skin. When applying the nutrient cream, you should pay attention to the wound and it should not suffer from inflammation, if it does, then do not wipe it.
Removal of granulation tissue

Connect the granulation component with the electric needle port and burn the root cells of the granulation with the laser needle. After about a week, the granulation will fall off on its own. If the granulation is small, the granulation can be removed in one go using the laser needle. If the granulation is large, it should be burned several times, so as not to affect the healing of the wound.

Removal of tattoos
In general, the area of tattoo removal is larger. It should be used with a large sized needle. The method of removing tattoo is the same as removing spots. The operation time may be slightly longer, and for tattoos with larger area (more than 3 cm). It should be processed multiple times, and must not be completed all at once. Otherwise, this will result in bacterial infection if you are not careful. This being said, if you're not careful with the bacterial infection, the results can be really bad. The beautician and the customer should be very careful, and if you have severe inflammation, you should consult a health practitioner as soon as possible.



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