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2015 Newest Portable high quality 13.56MHz vascular removal machine

vascular removal machine
vascular removal machine
2015 Newest Portable high quality 13.56MHz vascular removal machine
2015 Newest Portable high quality 13.56MHz vascular removal machine
Product Name : 2015 Newest Portable high quality 13.56MHz vascular removal machine
Product ID : KV301
Colour : white
guarantee : lifetime maintenance for free,3 years warranty
service : OEM&ODM Provided
functions : Vascular Removal,Treats all types of vascular and pigmented lesions-including spider veins,facial and leg telangiectasias
delivery : within 3~7 working days after receive payment

2015 Newest Portable high quality 13.56MHz vascular removal machine

Theory :

The micro-dots high-frequency lightning produces a 13.56MHz ultra high frequency electromagnetic oscillation, with the unique soft silk ( than hair thinner ), at 1/ 1000 second time break the hemoglobin, will release the energy transfer to the surface of the skin following removal of lesions, capillaries, and intravascular hemoglobin break make it into small molecules are absorbed by the skin tissue itself, so as to make it reach the disposable permanent eradication of red blood results, each treatment of red blood streak time should not exceed 15 minutes, precise digital control system, perfect and concise treatment procedures, simple operation is beneficial to quickly grasp. 

treatment way of vascular.jpg


1.Couperose skin treatment.

2.Remove Skin protrusions, milia, warts, fat granule.

3. Vascular veins removal, blood vessels treatment
4. Vascular removal, blood vessel treatment, veins removal.
5.Telangiectasia and cherry angioma treatment on face, arms, legs and the whole body.


1. The newest technology for red blood silk removal in the market.

2. High frequency technology , instantly treat concretionary hemoglobin and pathological blood capillary, no any dis-comfortable
3. Treatment pen only 0.01mm, good epidermis protection and immediate telangiectasia sealing.
4. Two working modes, pulse and continue, guarantee more comfort and obvious results.
5.  No pain, no risk, and no down time.




Input power


Output power


Ourput voltage

AC 0V~130V±10%

Output frequency


Steries needles Specification


Output model

Continuation and pulse two models

Hand length 


Treatment head 


Stand-by working 

Continuously for 24hours 




AC 110V / 230V±10% 50Hz


38* 40*32cm

Net weight


Postoperative care

1.No water before scab off

2.Prohibitting scratch till scab off automatically

3.Avoide direct sunlight.do not eat spicy food and sea food.

4.Use the repair stoste or freeze-dried powder with EGF after the operation,the best one is repair stoste and do not use cream which is not easy to be absorbed,.everyday daub 4-5 times after operation.,and 2-3times after scab,,because the metabolic capacity for everyone is different,so there are some people need 15-30 days to metabolize the redness abosolutely,and there are some people need 90 days to do it,after the metabolization ,the redness will be disappear abosolutely.

Guarantee:KIYA Laser offer 3 years free warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Service: There is OEM&ODM service for distributor.

Training:user manual, maintain manual, training CD guide you to operate the machine.

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training certification -.jpg


Any question about the machine, please feel free to contact us.


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