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  • Kiyalaser Exhibiton Schedule
    22.05.2017 Exposition News
    Kiyalaser Exhibiton Schedule   We established in 2006,After that,We had attending to different country exhibiton,show our machines to our customers,welcome to visit our booth,we also will update after each exhibiton:   1.Middle Ea......
  • Hair removal treatment
    16.08.2019 industry knowledge
    Hair removal Efficacy The first use of a specific IPL hair removal system developed for hair removal is reported in the literature in 1997. Hair count reduction was found to be ~60%(12 weeks), 75%(1 year), 60%(2 year). Various treatment pro......
  • HIFU upgrade----3D HIFU,HIFU+Vaginal HIFU to market
    16.09.2018 Company News
    HIFU HIFU+Vaginal HIFU    3D HIFU HIFU Use high energy ultrasound focusing the treatment position,so that the skin tissue create the thermal, and make high-speed friction cells to stimulate collagen. Such heat effect will not hurt......
  • what is hyaluronic acid?
    16.08.2019 industry knowledge
  • Kiyalaser New hyaluron pen model to market
    01.06.2019 Company News
    Kiyalaser New hyaluron pen model to market New hyaluron pen series popular over the world,kiyalaser research different model to market,meet different customers' need. the pen through no-needle injection hyaluronic acid to lip.achieve lip fi......
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