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New carboxy therapy skin whitening injection machine introduce to market


Carbon Dioxide Therapy or Carboxy therapy, the miracle gas, has been touted as the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox. Worldwide, CDT is rapidly becoming known as the leading skin rejuvenation treatment.mesotherapy beauty device / no-needle mesotherapy / face wrinkle remover machine / no-needle mesotherapy beauty salon equipment.


It is a safe, minimally invasive clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore, and recondition the skin and treat wrinkles,

laxity, cellulite and stretch marks.


Therapy involves injecting tiny amounts of Carbon dioxide (CO2) beneath the skin to break down fatty deposits and stimulate collagen production. The treatment has no downtime and a single session can take between fifteen minutes and an hour. In short, Carboxytherapy is a simple and safe procedure for beautiful, younger looking skin.